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Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Julie and I am a girl of 15 years who loves gymnastics and horses which I spend a lot of time of every week.

I live in Texas where I go to high school and you will be able to follow me on my blog.

Hej og velkommen til min hjemmeside, mit navn er Julie og jeg er en pige på 15 år som er vild med gymnastik og heste som jeg bruger rigtig meget tid på hver uge.

Jeg bor i Texas hvor jeg går på high school og du vil kunne følge mig her på min blog.


Ready to leave Denmark, the shirt is on and I'm ready to explorer Texas :-)        


Date and Place


Varde 4-8-2015

Now everything is packed and I am ready to go to Texas

Right now we are sitting and checking the final details and we hope we have remembered it all.


København 5-8-2015

I am ready for departure, my parents and my brother Mads is driving with me to Copenhagen airport

to send me on my life's journey to Texas where Mattie and Kenny are waiting for me to arrive.

This morning there was a lot of YFU students who was leaving today and my travel time is 20 hours before

I reach my destination which is Houston, TX


Texas 9-8-2015


The time is now 17 here, and you are probably gone to bed, I guess that your all is going to school tomorrow. My school first starts about 2 weeks.

I have now been here in 4 days, and in these 4 days we have been shopping, visiting my host dad at the hospital (he is home now), been out seeing steer roping, eating on resturant, and for the first time in my life, I have tried to eat breakfast on McDonals . Yesterday we was in a grocery store to buy all the things that we are gonna use in the school.

Today we have just been home and relaxing, seeing movies and enjoying each other.


Texas 21-8-2015

Hello everybody 

I know it's a long time since I have written something on my blog, but i've just been so busy lately.

Last week Sanne and I, the other student in the house, went to some classes at the morning, from 9-12. The classes was about girls to be pink..ed, they says that because pink stands for:

- Purity 

- Integerity

- Nobelness

- Kindness

Some of the classes in the morning was about those things, and the other was about the bible and god, some of them was also about what we was thinking about ourselves, and something about our parents. 

After we had been to the class monday we went out and ate lunch. 19.30am took my host mom Mattie us to a fitness class called P31, it's a class with about 8 womens, who workout every monday and thursday for an hour. I really like going to the workout, but you are allready sweating before the workout even begins, because we do the workout outside and it's so hot!

I kind of have a little bit problems remembering all the things we have been doing the last week, because we just experienced so must at one time, but from now on I will write in a journal to remember everything. 

Of what i remember from all these days, we was at those classes at the morning, and then we ate lunch out EVERYDAY, thats just how they live, with fastfood everyday... Wednesday we had a really long day because, first we took to the class, or we only was there at one of the classes, because it was kimberly's (my big sister) when her class ended we drove to the doctor with my host dad Kenny to take a look of how his foot was doing, it took so long time at the doctor, so Sanne, kimberly and I drove to a store in the meantime. when we came back he was almost done, and we drove further to another doctor to get my last shot (vaccinations stik) we had to drive so long time to come to that doctor, so we came so late home, and we were all so tired.

Thursday Mattie and I was cruising around, we were going to pick Kenny up at the hospital, but at first we drove by starbucks, she got coffee and I got a hot chocolate, and we got a little secret (we got a cakepop). When Kenny was in the car we drove to burger king, because kimberly really was feeling like burger king that day (Kimberly is my host parents daugther), Sanne and i are still wondering how they can say that, because everything is the same, Burger King, McDonals, Sonic, they all have the same things.

Finally friday and weekend, we went to the class from 9-12, and in the end of the classes we all got a gratuation label, if you go in under the page "picture" there is a picture of the gratuation label. 

Saturday we drove to Dallas, and was there for 3 days, because Kenny's father had a operation sunday morning. We was at a hotel close to the hospital. The entire McCowen family was there, so we ate dinner together everybody, Kenny's family is so sweet! I really like them!

Tuesday we was home from Dallas, and that day was a totally lasy day! 

Wednesday Mattie was at work until 2pm, she picked us all up, because Kenny had to go to the doctor, and on the way to the doctor she dropped Sanne and I of at a mall, so we could go shopping when they was at the doctor.

For me thursday has just been a day in the bed..

Hope you have enjoyed reading this, the clock is 3 at night here, so I think I will go to bed, goodnight :)


Texas 23-8-2015

It's school day tomorrow and i am so exited. I have never in my life had so many questions about school day, but I think I got them all answered.

The last two days, we have been out shopping again, and been out eating at a birthday party. 

Today we startet our day in the church, because kimberly were going to be baptized, then we went eating lunch. At 5pm we drove over to one of the guys who is gonna go to the same school, just to play some games, and then the other student's who is there, had some bible studying, so that was fun being a part of. There will probaly be some pictures of that evening, were you can se some of the games we played. 


Texas 23-9-2015

Hey everybody, im so sorry that i haven't updatet my blog in a long long time, but now i finally have the time for it.

I hope you are all doing good, and not are drawning in homework.

My first week of school was, let me just say different. Nothing was close to be the same as in Denmark. First of all we have the same schedule everyday, so that means all the homework that we get is for the next day, and that is pretty hard when your not used to that. All the teachers have there own room, so when im changing to the next class i have to switch room. We only have four minuts to go from one class to another, and imagine, when your standing there the hole first week and dont know where anything is, those four minuts are NOT much. 

When it comes to lunch, either you take something from home with you or you eat in the cantine. The cantine is not big enough, so we all have diffenrent lunch, there is A, B and C, I am so lucky to have A lunch, that means that you have 4 classes, then you have lunch, and then you have 4 classes again.

My school dosen't have uniforms, but we have a dress cote, so we can't go with shorts that is smaller than two fingers over the knee, and we can't wear tank tops, or shirts that shows your bag, and a lot more. 

Some of the things that you hear a lot as an exchange student is "can you say something in your language" or " where are you from" that is the two things that I get ask the most, and people still ask that, but it's kind of funny to see peoples reaction when you say something on danish.

The school is pretty hard, not only because everything is on english, but also beacuse they grade everything, and we have tests and quiz every week, and we have a lot of homework. 

The football team on the school play game every friday. I haven't quite understand the roles yet, but i'm getting there. Before i went to my first football game, i imagine from all the movies that i have seen, how a football game would be like, and trust me, it's totally like on movies, with the band, the cheerleaders and the screaming people. 

I think thats all for this time, I will probably post some pictures of the class rooms, so you can see what they looks like, and pictures from the football game. If there is something you would like me to write about, send me an email. 

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